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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2011 9:00am-9:30am PST

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you, reverend. next speaker, please. >> [speaking spanish] >> good afternoon. my name is gloria estefan. i ask that you implement these fast passes immediately.
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we should think about all the rights that will be expanded through the fast passes. we think about the youth. they have a right to go to school and they have a right to try to get to recreational centers and different things the city offers without thinking about the fact that a lot of them have parents who work a lot but do not get paid very much. they do not get to reap the benefits of some of these things the city offers.
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this is a very important issue for youth. there are a lot of youth who work. they need public transit. we are talking about poor people. we are talking about services that have been cut. they are forcing us to pay. in this way, the fact that services are being cut -- they are impeding our families from being able to support our families.
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i want to say enough to the bureaucracy that is stopping us -- stopping this from being put forward. we have fought really hard. we need to keep fighting and demanding the implementation of the fest passes. enough with the excuses. i want to thank the supervisors. we count on your support. i feel we have the best supervisors of any city in this city. bowie also want to count on the school district to be representing the young people and families.
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supervisor campos: thank you. let me read a few more names. happy yang, joyce sung. >> i am with the chinese progressive association. some of our families came all the way from chinatown. i want to ask them from -- ask them to stand up. they came through the rain and the wet today to attend. these are the real folks who trudged and battled the crowds. it is because of families like these that our organizations are out here. we know that with the budget cuts coming up this is just one tiny victory that might be a hopeful sign for the upcoming budget fight. also, this $1.4 million -- there is no question that it should be distributed now. it was not distributed last
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year. i know i am preaching to the choir, but the supervisors support the resolution with the community. to me, we should not even have to be asking for this. it should be assumed that this will be distributed to the families that need it in san francisco. i know there is strong community support here. we will show the mta next month that this is the only position they can take on this. there is no other alternative. it is an important first step to creating accessible transportation for people in san francisco. three months is one tiny thing. will be fighting for better and more accessible trade protection for families in san francisco. thank you. [applause] >> my name is yashon banks and i am here supporting power. i believe public transportation
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should not be treated like a luxury if a person can afford it. it should be accessible for everyone. this is a small step. i have a sister who has four children in the san francisco unified school district. she already is struggling to make ends meet to make 50% of her income. to also pay money for four children to go to school every day is very hard for her. there is no question we should have this for our youth and the people in our city. thank you. [applause] >> my name is naomi sierra. i attend high school in the sunset. i am a youth commissioner and community outreach officer. there is a perception that private and parochial school students are all financially secure and stable. however, i am here to represent
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those of us who are not afforded the economic luxuries that are perceived of this demographic. i am daughter to a single mother and a first-generation immigrant. i have earned my way into a parochial college prep high school. however, i am still a young person born and raised in san francisco. regardless of whether i go to public or private school, i deserve equal access to resources afforded to my public- school counterparts. basically, i am here to echo the need to make sure that we take into account all san francisco youth, whether they go to private or public schools for the next fiscal year, although that is not being decided today. thank you. >> i am marisol, use rep port
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district 9 and one of the community outreach officers. i am 18 years old, and i attend sacred heart. even though this lifeline pass would not directly affect me because i would not qualify, because i attend private school, i think this would be very beneficial for youth and allow low-income youth the opportunity for free transportation. i believe all youth deserve to have access to these passes, no matter what school they go to. thank you. >> my name is theresa. i represent a nonprofit organization that focuses around transformative youth development and employment. i am a resident and current representative of district land use commission. with this resolution before
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providing the opportunity of fleet muni passes, this would ensure that 12,000 low-income youth between five and 17 will have free transportation, keeping in mind that around 70% of san francisco public school students currently take public transportation. this will save families and used in san francisco is staggering amount of $360,000 that it would not have to pay for just those three months. i am advocating for this resolution to pass. the families and children of san francisco are struggling. our youth of san francisco are important. this provides families release by ensuring that their children are receiving free transportation. thank you. [applause] >> i am a senior at balboa high
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school. i am from ymac, youth making a change, an organization within pullman advocates. i think students having to make some much money to get to school is ridiculous. students cannot pay to get on the bus to get to school. the excuse of not having money to get to school should not be there. every student should go to school no matter what. that money should not be excuse, especially when you go to a public school for free education. san francisco has one of the best muni systems in the country. everyone praises our bus system, but it comes at the price of our citizens. we struggle to pay to get on these buses, whether it be not having 75 cents or not having
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$20. i have people from my organization here. we believe that since this is a youth issue, it is not for the adults to come out and say what they feel. we need the user's voice to tell you how this is affecting them. adults just back up. thank you. [applause] supervisor campos: before you speak, and when to call a few more cards. the ellington, judy hwang, calvin trang, ernest stortz from power, cheryl chan, jesus perez. >> i am the district for youth commissioner. i go to school in the sunset.
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most students do not work. since right now there are no such things as neighborhood schools anymore, we all have to bus to school. school buses in high schools are being cut right now. i hope a youth fast pass can be implemented. even though it is not for all youth in san francisco, i believe this is a great start. thank you. >> i am a youth commissioner as well as a student at balboa high school. i believe the voice of youth should matter and does matter in the democratic process of san francisco government. the duty of the commission, according to the city charter, is to meet the needs of san francisco youth and look for possible policy changes to meet those. that is why we are here today on valentine's day.
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i have met with mr. chu from the san francisco unified school district. i understand the hardship about how to implement this. as a youth commissioner, i would love to work with the board of supervisors, sfmta, sfusc, and community organizations to make this happen. >> my name is judy. i am here to speak about the youth passes. >> my name is rosa. i go to washington high school. >> i go to lincoln high school. we are youth leaders from chinatown [unintelligible] i take three buses to sunset district.
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it takes one hour to get to school. i need to be in school by 7:30 am my family does not have a car. public transportation is important to us. the main importance for us is that muni is there. you must have a pass. but the rate to keep increasing. just make 20, 2009, increased 100%, from $10 to $20. it caused economic hardship for families. furthermore, the school district cut transport on the school bus. please encourage munich and the
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school district to follow through on the city's promise to provide transportation to low- income youth. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening and happy valentine's day. my name is roger cue. i go to galileo high school. i am part of the youth organization aaa. every morning, i ride the 8x. i live on the other side of town. it takes about an hour. me and my brother both attend galileo high school. every month, we have to pay $20 just for a youth pass. i have known that this youth lifeline has been already there.
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the money is already there. i was wondering why you guys have not used it yet. we could be saving this money for other things to help pay the bills. thank you. [applause] supervisor campos: thank you. next speaker. >> my name is kevin trang. i am part of the campaign academy, part of chinatown's muni development center. i am in a family of four, living in visitation valley and attending galileo high school. i ride the abx and 45 to my school. i am not qualified for free lunches, but i have many friends who qualify for free lunches. they live across the city and every month it is hard for them to pay for their fast passes. since there is only $1.50
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million that was supposed to be used for the lifeline this year, i was wondering why in has not been used. i would like this money to be used for free passes this year. there are currently three months left for this year. i would like to urge you to pass this this year to create the youth lifeline passes. i wish you a nice day. supervisor campos: i am good to call a few more cards. martino, maria luz-torre, jorge tohama. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am a volunteer for power. although i am here to ask that
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you pass the resolution for fast passes, i would also like to ask that you consider how public transportation supports the economy of the city of san francisco. free bus passes are unimportant steps, but only -- are an important step, but only the first step. many cities offer free transportation to all of their residents. please consider how it supports the economy of san francisco. three fast passes are a first step. thank you. supervisor campos: thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> my name is jesus perez. i am from south of market. i hope you guys pass this and
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help the youth. thank you. [applause] >> my name is cheryl chan. i go to lowell high school and support the student advisory council. we understand there are many students in the district who cannot afford to pay $20 a month to take the bus. i have one friend, who lives across the city, can she cannot afford her bus pass, so every day after school, she waits at school for 3.5 hours so she can wait for her mom to come and pick corrupt, because she has no other way to get home, a -- and pick her up. it is important to everyone has an equal chance for
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transportation. thank you. >> gweneth start days -- buenos tardes. [speaking spanish]
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>> my name is jorge. i am a member of power. i have children who are tin years old and 12 years old, and it is also difficult for them to transport themselves around the city, and we have a hard time to give them money to go around the city and go to rec centers and have different experiences. when i was younger in trying to survive, the youth are having a
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hard time surviving. sometimes, the transfer has expired. they are given tickets on the buses, not only on the buses but outside the buses, so i am seeing that the youth are suffering, and that is why i am asking for the passes, especially for students and for parents who are trying to support their families. >> speaking spanish -- [speaking spanaisish]
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>> i think it would please people in city hall to see a are you feel secure, be secure in their transportation, because they are the future, it and it is an investment in their studies, -- to see our youth pecan -- used to feel secure -- youth feel secure. supervisor avalos: next speaker, please. >> i am with children and youth, but basically, i am here today because i am the parent of two teenagers who will have to take the bus to and from school, and
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this kind of relates to what i am one to speak about today, and it is the issue of safety of our children and decriminalization of our children on muni. children of young people who got citations, and that is a $250 ticket. not having a fast test or not being able to afford it but also being criminalize for having an expired ticket or having forgotten your ticket. my son and i, we had to go to juvenile court because of a $250 ticket. he is not alone. last year, many people got citations, and it is safety for him, because he would have to walk miles because he would not get me. -- dittmer u.d. -- get muni.
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i think it is not fair that children cannot go on buses. everything but the parents and said so far. but one other thing we have to pay attention to is the criminalization of our children. when our son was in court, he had to do community service, and he had to hear a speaker who was an ex-convict. it is because it is part of the bill. and he said he is their peak as he lost his 50 cents tickets, and everybody laughed, because they were shoplifting or something. [bell] this would address a lot of safety issues for our children. he would be here, but i just dropped him off. thank you. supervisor avalos: the thank
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you. next speaker, please. i have no more cards, so if somebody else wants to speak, please line up. >> ][speaking spanish] could coleman -- >> good afternoon, members,
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supervisors. my name is -- and i am here to ask for your support for the fast passes. i am the mother of two children with asthma. we would not only use the fast pass to go to school for my children, but my children have to go to the hospital 10 times during the month for appointments or emergencies, and there is just no other way for me other than walking or taking the muni for to the funds to take a taxi, so if there is an emergency or an attack, that is what we do. we know you have supported many things that the community cares about. we're also concerned sometimes
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about some of the choices that are made about funding, so do the right thing today in and help us with the fast pest. -- fast pass. thank you, and good afternoon. >> good afternoon. i am with a collaborative. the young people spoke so eloquently about how important the transportation is for their needs and how much time they spend on their every single day to make a better life for themselves, so what i am going to touch about is how great the city we live in, a look we are to live in a city like san francisco the operas in so many -- that offers so many opportunities it. a lot of our families,


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